Written By: Heath Adams

I want you to clear your mind and think about nothing at all.

That is exactly how it was in the beginning, there was nothing at all. Check out Genesis 1:2. God wanted fellowship and began his wonderful creation as described in Genesis 1:3-31.

As I look around this land we call earth I see the vastness of His creation. Whether I’m at my favorite place called the beach or glazing across the glorious mountains I have the privilege to enjoy as I drive along the foothills of N.C. I see His wonderful creation. Recently, a new road was constructed in a very dense wooded area that opened up a spectacular view of the Blue Ridge Mountains, so now as I drive past this new road I can see such a beautiful sight of mountains I wasn’t able to experience before. I think to myself, what handy work my Sovereign God created for me to be able to admire, and think he loves us this much. As the fall seasons rolls in take time on your commute to work, shopping, driving kids, or taking a loved one to an appointment observe God’s greatness He preformed for us as time began. I realize there is so much more such as flowers the sunrises and sunsets, animals and the list continues. Then there’s His most prized possession, His “sons” in Genesis 1:26. This Sovereign God created us in HIS image. He wants fellowship with us. He loved us so much that He put beauty all around us to enjoy. God literally enjoys making you happy.

As you do life remember to stop and thank our Sovereign God. If He and He alone can create all this what more is He able to do for you? Proverbs 3:5-6.

He WOWS me. He is so much, much more! ***Isaiah 55:9.***

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