Written By: Heath Adams

Recently I was reminded about an accident I pulled up on. It was around 7:30am and I was driving up the road when I pulled onto the scene of an accident that had just occurred. There was a car in the middle of the road smashed to pieces. A concrete truck was over in a yard where he had slid off the road. The car in the middle of the road was not in good shape either. The horn was blowing continuously and the driver was a young lady who was screaming for help. I looked around and the driver of the concrete truck was just sitting in his truck with the door open in disbelief. So I got out of my truck and went to the car. The driver side door was smashed into the driver and she was asking me to help her in a soft scared voice. I heard the Lord speak to me and say to release life over her. I really could not do anything because of the damage to the car. The door was too damaged to remove her as well. So, I just got right beside her and began to pray for life over her, declaring she would live and not die. I prayed and released life over her until the EMT and rescue squad came to cut her out of the car. I was shaken to the core just wanting her to live.

While remembering this accident, I was thinking about the power of our words and how our words release life and death according to Proverbs 18:21. Believing that what we speak over someone can actually happen is crazy right? Well, several months went by not knowing what happened to the young lady. Then one day I received a phone call from her thanking me for praying over her. She had broken several bones in her legs and pelvic area. The doctors told her she was a miracle! I felt like a first responder that day. Helping her stay alive by releasing life through prayer over her. She did make it, and is fully healed today!

If there ever was a day where we all need to be first responders to our family, friends and acquaintances, it is now! Just look around and you will see hopelessness everywhere. There is so much fear in the eyes of so many. It is hard to find peace anywhere. People are dying around us everywhere in some form or another. I realize though that God has given us so much power in our actions and words if we dare to just believe. Let’s be the first responders Jesus called us to be in Matthew 10:33 and release hope, encouragement, and life to all. That’s who we! We can make a difference in our environments all around us. Let’s change the world and make Jesus famous!

Blessings & Hope,
Heath Adams

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