Written By: Heath Adams

Several weeks ago the Lord spoke to me saying “many are chasing demons, I’m chasing the Harvest”. In a time and hour where there is so much controversy in the Church, constant disagreeing within the Body, and doctrinal debates trying to proves who’s right and wrong – the enemy has got us all distracted. We are spending so much time, energy, and resources chasing ourselves in circles, not accomplishing anything for the Kingdom of God!

Many of us are chasing the supernatural! Looking for the next prophecy, healing, miracle, or angelic encounter. A lot of ministers are looking for the demonic constantly in everything and everyone. Like the focus of the deliverance ministry is setting the church folks free. Come on people, what are we doing? I personally like all the above and want to see the Lord set His people free! Let’s all ask ourselves a question – Are we doing what we see our Father doing or doing the will of the Father?  John 5:19 says “the Son can do nothing by himself: he can only do what he sees the Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does”. When we read the Bible we can plainly see the will of the Father – He’s wanting to be in relationship with us. Father loved us so much that he gave His Son Jesus.  Jesus died not just for our Salvation in John 3:16, but He purchased our connection and relationship back to his Father through his love for all humanity. Yes there are times of training and activation in our lives, but what we have learned, discovered, and had imparted into our lives better line up to the Bible and should all be used for the Harvest!

The sea of humanity is beckoning for you to pass by them with the Father’s love! Where they can encounter the Lord that purchased a relationship with them 2000 years ago. I see the Lord running in the Harvest field in my own personal life. I have never seen the Harvest so ripe. I pray that we all get focused and walk away from all the distractions, loving humanity the way Father does. When we do love and release the Lord to humanity, the signs and wonders will show up in life transforming ways. In this season we are in, provision is in the Harvest! Focus on the harvest and you will see your lack turn into abundance!!

I pray that we all have fresh vision to see through the eyes of the Father to touch humanity! Forgetting all failures in the areas of finances, relationships, and disobedience. Dust yourself off and let’s meet the Lord in the Harvest! Humanity needs you to release Jesus!!

Lace up your shoes – it’s time to run!!!

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